Thursday, October 8, 2015

(Miami) Archdiocesan university explores its Havana roots

 Fotos/Archdiocese of Miami/Tom Tracy/ FC

The original Universidad de Santo Tomas de Villanueva was founded in 1946 in Havana by American-based Augustinians with assistance from European Augustinians. When the Castro government expelled the Augustinians from Cuba in 1961, several of the American Augustinians came to Miami and founded Biscayne College.

The university came under the sponsorship of the Archdiocese of Miami in 1988, conferring upon St. Thomas the distinction of being the only Catholic archdiocesan-sponsored university in the southeastern U.S.

When university status was attained, the name of the institution was changed to St. Thomas University to reflect its Cuban heritage.(read full text at Archdiocese of Miami's website)

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