Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bay of Pigs (I)

Nota: Serie de fotos relacionadas con Bay of Pigs (o Playa Girón). Las imágenes complementan y enriquecen las incontables cuartillas que se puedan redactar. He respetado los pies de foto de AP.

Anxious members of the Cuban colony in Miami, Florida listen to a radio set up on the sidewalk in the downtown sector for news reports April 17, 1961 on the progress of the invasion in Cuba. (AP Photo/News).

This Pulitzer Prize winning black-and-white photo by Associated Press photographer Paul Vathis shows President John F. Kennedy, left, and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower with their heads bowed as they walk along a path at Camp David in Thurmond, Md. in April 22, 1961, as the two met to discuss the Bay of Pigs invasion. The 1962 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph was displayed Friday, Jan. 18, 2008, at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington (AP Photo/Paul Vathis, File)

U.S.President John F. Kennedy chats with a group of leaders in the Bay of Pigs invasion on Dec. 27, 1962 in Palm Beach, who were recently released from prison by Fidel Castro. Left to right in the garden of the Winter White House; Robert Perez San Roman, escaped by boat during invasion; Jose Perez San Roman; President Kennedy; Manuel Artime; Erneido Oliva and Enrique Ruiz-Williams. (AP Photo/William J. Smith )
U.S. Attorney Gen. Robert F. Kennedy holds a medal presented to him at his office by a group of  veterans of the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, Jan. 11, 1963. The visitors, from left, are, Roberto A. Perez San Roman, Manuel Artime Buesa, Ramon J. Ferrer Mena, Enrique Ruiz-Williams, Jose A. Perez San Roman, Eneido Oliva Gonzalez. (AP Photo)

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