Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Art Night Out: Sotto Voce featuring "7 Plus One Art Project"

Sotto Voce Abstract Pencil & Charcoal Art Gallery by:

Bibiana Cervantes – Colombia, Emilio Héctor Rodríguez – Cuba, Karina Matheus – Venezuela, Margarita Correa Ochoa – Colombia, Marilyn Valiente – Cuba, Mila Hajjar – Italia\Venezuela, Maruchi Carmona – Cuba, Paula Weiszkopf – Argentina, Pedro Hernández – Cuba.

Sotto Voce brings together the recent work of a group of local abstract artists. Though each has different artistic motivations, consistent elements exist that tie the works together as a succinct collection. The 7 Plus One Art Project unites individuals of various cultures, ethnicities, experiences, generations, genders, and religions. Some of the artists have been formally trained in Art History and Visual Arts, while others come from different professional fields, such as Architecture, Medicine, Education Journalism, Mathematics and Cybernetic. The project has been such a success, that it has continued to add artists to its repertoire with each exhibition.

The artworks included in the exhibit are produced with pencil and/or charcoal on paper, and encourages the viewer to note similarities between abstract artists and identify the many paths that may develop from a similar starting language, from one share vision by means of speeches Sotto Voce. The artists draw inspiration from their external universe, internal experiences, memories and expectations. Thus, while for some of the artist’s abstract style minimizes conceptual and theoretical concerns as a way to explore ideas of beauty, others prefer to explore and express their feelings through emphasis on a non-figurative language to reveal and recreate their surroundings.

The path of abstraction, initiated at the beginning of the twentieth century, continues and evolves in the works of these multicultural, multigenerational artists. Living in a dynamic and ever-changing world, artwork cannot be isolated from current events or global culture. The vertex between art, technology, and human behavior within a changing reality is thematically expressed through the composition. Lines and forms are central elements and act as both a start and end point in this series. Pencil is the protagonist in each work, and leaves room for viewers to interpret their very own vision.

Emilio Héctor Rodríquez
Founder and Artistic Director
7 Plus One Art Project

Friday, April 12 at  7:00 pm

Unilatina International College
3130 Commerce Pkwy
Miramar, FL 33025

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