Monday, November 26, 2018

Ballet 422 (director Jody Lee Lipes)

Documental, USA 2014
75 min


Justin Peck (Choreographer and Soloist)
Cameron Grant (Pianist)
Tiler Peck (Principal Dancer)
Sterling Hyltin (Principal Dancer)
Amar Ramasar (Principal Dancer)
Albert Evans (Ballet Master)
Mark Stanley (Resident Lighting Designer)
Andrews Sill (Conductor)
Marc Happel (Director of Costumes)
Reid Bartelme (Costume Designer)
Harriet Jung (Costume Designer)

Jody Lee Lipes

Ellen Bar
Anna Rose Holmer

In "Ballet 422" you won't see anything like the thrilling final shot of Billy Elliott, with its star in the wings, poised to go onstage in his swan costume. So where's the excitement? It's there for those of us who love good movies about the process of collaborative work done for the love of it. In principle, I suppose, you could make an equally enthralling film about a Tesla assembly line, or for that matter a Ford. The enchanting thing about "Ballet 422" is that all this hard labor over these two wild, prosaic months of working separately and together is done for impossibly quixotic reasons — for love of the medium, and a beautiful, gossamer dance that will exist for half an hour at most, and then vanish until or unless it's brought to life again. Isn't it romantic? (Read full text at NPR's website)

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