Friday, April 15, 2016

(Miami) "Knock on Wood" at MANO Fine Art Project Space

Wood art has a long history that can be traced to ancient cultures through mythology and folklore. It would appear that man has always had an ambiguous relationship with trees and wood. Worshipped for perceived magical powers, and revered for its strength and beauty this age old element is perhaps one of the oldest mediums used for artistic expression.

Today contemporary artists continue to work with wood but with a different aesthetic; using materials that are local and reclaimed artists explore the unique characteristics of wood pushing the boundaries to incorporate the authentic nature of wood in a new visual language that is fresh, bold and confident.

The exhibit, Knock on Wood includes panel paintings, intriguing sculptures with subliminal forms, and exhilarating installations juxtaposed to underscore the strength, beauty and sensual nature of wood.

Traditionally, a fifth anniversary is celebrated with a gift made of wood. The exhibit, Knock on Wood is an exceptional gift and officially forms part of an ongoing celebration for the Bird Road Art Walk’s fifth anniversary.

Join the celebration experience each of the exhibitions that showcase wood as a medium during the April edition of the Bird Road Art Walk:

presented by HARRISART
4432 SW 74 Ave | Miami 33155

presented by MANO Fine Art
4225 SW 75 Ave | Miami 33155

presented by Miguel Rodez Art Projects
4229 SW 75 Ave | Miami 33155

MANO Fine Art Project Space is the working studio of Miami-based artist MANO and an exhibition and project space for art related events. MANO Fine Art is one of the founding members of the Bird Road Art Walk that is held on the third Saturday of each month.

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