Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Miami) MANO Fine Art Project Space presents Two More Lovers

Two More Lovers: Imaginary, unexpected and extraordinary. MANO Fine Art celebrates LOVE with an exhibition about and for lovers. Six artists embrace the myriad shades and underlying range of emotions and attitudes invoked by love from interpersonal to pleasure with contemporary interpretations. However, it is the contemplation and admiration of enthusiastic lovers holding each other closely so as to feel the indentation of their love that dominates the exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists: Chenco, Daniel Garcia, MANO, Maria Sonia Martin, Nate Dee, Silvina Castillo

MANO Fine Art Project Space is the working studio of Miami-based artist MANO and an exhibition and project space for art related events. MANO Fine Art is one of the founding members of the Bird Road Art Walk that is held on the third Saturday of each month.

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