Wednesday, February 20, 2013

(Miami) Mary Larsen's Dreamscapes at Upstairs Underground Art Space

Through a meditative process of layering paint, ink, paper, found images, maps and silkscreen, Mary Larsen creates dream-like landscapes that are at once disorienting yet somehow familiar. Disparate elements work together to create an ephemeral atmosphere of violence and beauty, filled with contrasts and contradictions; balance through imbalance. By obscuring and revealing, each layer unfolds the narrative. The power of nature, history and chance coalesce to form an unsettling place that glimpses the possibility of hope. Each layer adds richness and depth, creating intimacy. Man is overwhelmed by the sublime power of nature and the pessimistic state of the world. The individual is depicted as a solitary figure in nature, all of his/her energy spent, on the edge of danger. The process is a transformative experience that informs the work. Images of violence and war and the power of nature are transformed into beauty and hope.

Upstairs Underground
1155 (rear-upstairs) SW 6th Street
Miami, Florida 33130

Exhibition runs from February 22nd - March 15th 2013
Opening night to meet the artists February 22nd from 7-10 p.m.

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