Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yovani Bauta about the arts in Miami

Foto/Blog Gaspar, El Lugareño (by Elsa Roberto)
What do you think about the art vibe happening in Miami lately?

People have been a bit confused with this thing we call art. I tell you truly, I have been to so many galleries and places in which I see very little to zero quality of work. I see very little experience, a very brief experiential life, and I see things that I could honestly say are “ingenious” but ingenious is not art.

There are many ingenious works out there and bad ones too. It’s great to be ingenious but it’s also great to make art. As an artist, one is responsible to do something special with your eyes and hands. Like French people say, the metier, is as important as the freedom that takes you on that unexpected journey. (read full interview at What's Up Miami?)

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