Friday, November 27, 2009

Eliminado Leinier Domínguez de la Copa Mundial de Ajedrez (se declara admirador del Che Guevara)

El Gran Maestro (GM) cubano Leinier Domínguez (2719) quedó eliminado este jueves en la Copa Mundial de ajedrez, tras perder por tiempo frente al joven italiano Fabiano Caruana (2652). (sigue en Juventud Rebelde)


How did the Island of Freedom take your victory at the World championship?

O, my compatriots were very happy about my victory. I was snowed under congratulations. I got the congratulations from the Government as well. Unfortunately I did not meet Fidel Castro. I would also like to mention that the leadership of my country is interested in chess and follow our results.

You mean that the situation with chess in the Island of Freedom is quite good?

I think that it is very good period for chess in Cuba. We have many young and talented chess players, government supports us very much. Our national team is quite ambitious. Nowadays the 7 th place at the 87 th Chess Olympiad in Calvia in 2004 was our best result ever. We are preparing for the Olympiad 2010 and I am sure we will compete for the medals.

Do you have a T-shirt with Che Gevara picture under your sweater?

Of course I have such a t-shirt, but I don't wear it now. We all follow the example of Che Gevara, he was a great person with great ideas. For all Cuban people he is a real hero.

Cuban revolutionaries swore not to shave their beard before the victory of the revolution in the whole world… Maybe you also should not shave before you win, let's say World Championship?

You know my teammate Lazaro Bruzon wears beard ala commandante all the time, - laughs Lenier. As for me, I am going to shave before tomorrow's game.

During Tal Memorial in Moscow you were accompanied by a beautiful woman. Can you tell us about her?

This is my girl friend. We are from one city and 7 years together. We are very happy and I am pleased to have her. She is physician. At the moment she makes her career in Europe. We support each other big time! (read more)

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