Friday, August 7, 2020

Ernesto Fernández (entrevista por Alaima González)


Cuban-born flutist Ernesto Fernandez earned a degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in Instrumental Performance with an emphasis in Music Business from the University of Miami. His dissertation provides a methodology for learning to play and improvise in the Cuban charanga style, examining the structural differences of the five-key flute and Boehm flute.

A versatile musician skilled in both classical and Latin genres, Ernesto Fernandez has performed in countries like Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Nicaragua, and in cities like Toronto, Cleveland, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Chicago, Charlotte, New Orleans, and Salt Lake City. In 2017 Ernesto was the featured artist at the prestigious Galway Flute Festival in Weggis, Switzerland. He also taught private jazz lessons to classical flute legend Sir James Galway.

Ernesto Fernandez is endorsed by Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments, Inc and served as the Jazz Competitions Coordinator for the National Flute Association for five years. A regular clinician and performer at state and national flute conventions, Ernesto has also collaborated in multiple GRAMMY-nominated and Latin GRAMMY-nominated projects. (


Alaima González, cubana y flautista, forma parte de la Sinfónica Nacional de República Dominicana, del Dúo Guloya junto al flautista colombiano Rafael Rodríguez; y desarrolla el "Alaima González Nymph Project".

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