Sunday, May 24, 2020

Iglesias en el Camagüey de inicios del siglo XX

"Churches [Camagüey, 1909]: Yglesia Mayor, Parque Agramonte; isolated, no convent attached, 200 by 100 feet, spacious and well pre served. Mercedes Church. Plaza Dana; convent attached; Spaniards mounted guns on roof and used convent for bar racks. Soledad Church. Plaza Soledad, corner Republica ; isolated, no convent. San Francisco Church, Plaza San Francisco; has immense college and convent available for use as barracks, hospital, etc. San Juan de Dios Church, calle San Juan de Dios; has convent, which was used by Spaniards and Americans as hospital: bad condition. San Cristo Church, calle San Cristo and Plaza Padre Gonfaus; no convent attached to the city cemetery. Santa Ana Church, Plaza Santa Ana, calle General Gomez; no convent. Ursuline [del Carmen] Church, calle Carmen between Marti and Enrique Jose; attached to Ursuline convent, which is cloistered, and is a college for girls. Caridad Church, in suburb of Caridad, 1 mile from center of town; isolated, and no convent attached. San Lazaro Church, suburb San Lazaro, 1 mile from center of town; situated in midst of Hospital San Lazaro; quadrangle used as hospital for aged. San Jose Church, corner San Jose and Jose Maria; isolated, no convent attached, small and poor. Baptist Church, corner Cisneros and San Ignacio; parish house on calle San Ignacio seats about 50. Methodist Church, calles Avellaneda and San Jose; small chapel. Episcopal Church, calle Republica, corner Francisquito ; small".

(Military notes on Cuba, 1909. War Department, USA)

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