Thursday, December 19, 2013

(Miami) Artists Talk before the Bird Road Art District Walk

Nātam, from the Latin nothing, is a retrospective of documentary photography made in Havana -in the 90's-by artists born in Cuba that lived and worked in the city. The exhibit presents twenty-seven photographs by seven talented artists.

They registered an insightful document of those years. Photographers put black and white film in their 35 mm cameras with wide lenses to reach the commonplace walking around for days, (months and years), in a City where economic burden deprived natives of the basics.

Nātam is a collective that seems to be the work of a solely author at first sight, but it can grasp the spectator into uncouthness layers of different connotations from one image to other. Photographers created a different story in each image besides the external piece of information the author chose to frame. Every one of the seven artists grasped parts of his own life to reveal himself behind the camera. Besides, images demonstrate technical proficiency even in extreme light circumstances, and their strong composition will cause high impact in the viewer.

Spectators judging the final copy – in a special edition for the exhibition made by the Technical Digital Lab of the CAPF- would experiment feelings impossible to measure in advance, but will certainly commit to memory those images. They have to be taken into account.

Saturday, December 21 at 6. 00 p.m.

Cuban American Phototheque Foundation4260 SW 74 Ave. Miami FL 33155

T 786. 360.9333

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