Thursday, January 7, 2021

Hoteles en el Camagüey de 1909

"Hotels: Hotel Camagüey, American, north of Cuba rail road track and station; formerly infantry barracks, now headquarters Cuba railway; occupied in part by officers United States Army during second intervention; accommodations for 150. Hotel Plaza, American, calle Avellaneda two stories, large dining hall, accommodations for 40. Hotel Delmonico, American, opposite above; several leased houses under one management, one story, accommodations for 50. Hotel Union, American, junction of Maceo and Independencia: three stories. 50 by 50 feet, in bad condition, accommodations for 50. Grand Hotel, Cuban, calle Maceo, large, three stories, patio, modern conveniences, accommodations for 75. Hotel Inglaterra, Cuban, Parque Agramonte, three stories, modern conveniences, accommodations for 50. Hotel Central, Cuban, calle Soledad, 50 by 50 feet, one story, accommodations for 25. There are also numerous fondas and boarding houses".

(Military notes on Cuba, 1909. War Department, USA)

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